Jose Angel

Photographer | Director | Cinematographer 


It all started with a simple dream of mine that later on was going to become my biggest passion and it was going to change my world completely. I wasn’t sure where this new journey was going to take me or how far I was destined to go. All I knew was that every time I picked up my camera and looked through the viewfinder, I would at some point be able to take pictures and tell stories through my images. Coming up in the photography and film industry is no easy task it's a very competitive industry, and I wasn’t sure how far I was going to make it. It wasn’t easy coming up and getting opportunities I had to put in the hard work and dedication and earn a name for myself and I wasn’t willing to take any shortcuts or cut corners anywhere because I wanted to earn it in the end. I knew that the minute I stepped foot into this industry that I was going up against some of the best in the world, but that wasn’t going to stop me because I wasn’t trying to be one of the best I was just doing it for myself because it’s my biggest passion.

Jose Angel is a Chicago based Photographer, Director and Cinematographer; photography never came easy for this Chicago Artist. Growing up in the rough streets on the Southside of Chicago and being surrounded by drugs and gangs in his neighborhood wasn't the easiest or the best lifestyle for him as a kid. As the years past he used his artistic skills in hopes of creating something different and unique with his photography and used it to fuel his passion for art and inspire others along the way. In 1997 he picked up his first camera without knowing anything about photography and no skills or photography school knowledge at all and the rest was history. He has shared the stages with some of the most important renowned influential artist, musicians, actors, celebrities, athletes, directors, writers, producers, public figures and many more in the industry. Nothing has ever came easy or handed down to him he has worked extremely hard his whole life to get to this point in his career. Till this day every project remains a high priority on his A-list and will continue to expand his line of work with A - LIST clients & high profile Artist. Follow Jose Angel from time to time..........."Do what you love and love what you do" 

Jose Angel 

Directed & Produced: Jose Angel

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